Magic Vision Lab: Set yourself on fire with augmented reality, BurnAR

“Best Demo Award at IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality, Basel, Switzerland, October, 2011.

BurnAR: Feel the Heat
Swoboda, M., Nguyen, T., Eck, U., Reitmayr, G., Hauswiesner, S., Ranftl, R., and Sandor, C.
Fairlight, TU Graz, Magic Vision Lab

In this demo, a user experiences their own hands interacting with complex graphics simulating smoke and fire effects in the environment. A user looks through a stereo head-worn display (HWD) at their own hands, which start to smoke and interact with flames. A real-time fluid simulation calculates the volumetric effects using the user’s hand as input for motion and interaction surface. The hand’s location and depth is estimated from the stereo view delivered by the HWD’s camera pair. Overall, the immersive experience of the user’s own body interacting with the striking, high-quality graphics effects creates an exciting demo.”