Kinect 3d scans human motions, transfers to a robot

“Motion retargeting is the process of mapping motions between different kinematic structures. We implement a simple, yet effective motion retargeting method that is used in the context of a unilateral teleoperation system for transferring upper body motions from a human operator to a robot in an online fashion.

The operator’s motion is captured using a Kinect™ device. In order to capture as much of the original motion’s expressiveness as possible, we are making use of multiple end-effectors, which are currently the wrists, elbows, torso and head. Then, we adapt the captured motion to the robot’s kinematic structure, which can differ significantly in terms of number of degrees of freedom and body proportions. Finally, an inverse kinematics computation produces a joint space reference for the robot to follow. This reference takes into account technological and geometric constraints like joint position and velocity limits, as well as self-collisions. by PALRobotics”