Lumina Motion: Audi A6 Car Show 3D Projection Mapping, Chile

“New 3d mapping installation for Audi presented a few new challenges for our ops team since we have to move it around several locations and manage to fit the mapping movie.
The projection was done using 2 of our new Christies DHD800 (full HD) which we absolutely love and definitely make a huge difference compared to XGA projection.
For the mapping movie our talented design team used 3DMax, Cinema 4D, AfterFX and lots of computer power.
Thanks to our friend Paolo Palazzo for the sound effects and to ORBITAL (one of our fave electronic bands) for the sound track.

Lumina Motion Team:
3D Art and Creative Director: Pablo Espinoza
3D motion designers: Francisco Romo & Nico Vazquez de Acuña
Sound Design: DJ Gonz
Technical Production Manager: Vito Abarzúa
COO: Cristobal De La Barra
Production Coordinator: German Cantariño
Executive Producer: Gonzalo de la Barra

Sound Track: ORBITAL
Shooting: La Sante
Sound Design Support: Paolo Palazzo
Event Support and briefing: Bowen Chile Agency “