3D Projection Mapping Art Transforms NY Manhattan Bridge Into Zero G Scene

Spectacular 30,000 square foot Display Mapped the Bridge with 5K Imagery +
Garnered “Best Exhibition” Honors at The 2011 DUMBO Arts Festival

“Resident Creative Studio designer Sina Taherkhani bridged the gap between
reality and fantasy, helming a team of animators and VFX artists charged with
creating, As Above, So Below, one of a three-part immense-scale projection/mapping
installation entitled, ‘Immersive Surfaces’. The high-resolution content transformed
the Manhattan Bridge into a transparent portal to a surreal world where larger than
life people float in zero gravity. ‘Immersive Surfaces’, which kicked off The 2011 DUMBO
Arts Festival attracted crowds in lower Manhattan and netted Best Exhibition honors at the festival.

“Immersive Surfaces” explored ideas of crowd art and the meaning of surface as a
media platform in a specific cityscape. It was presented in three phases. The
first, which Taherkhani also collaborated on, utilized more traditional video art
and presentation techniques, slowly progressing and growing in size until it covered
the entire anchorage and archway. Contributions from artists adorned the bridge?s
enormous surfaces in small units, creating a virtual art gallery. The various sites
were connected by an Op Art-style background, which became animated in the second
part of the installation.

The DUMBO Arts Festival was produced by Dalzell Productions and Two Trees
Management. “Immersive Surfaces” was organized by video curator Leo Kuelbs in
conjunction with a team of artists and SenovvA Inc., a leader in cutting-edge
projection technology in the U.S. Resident Creative Studio/NY was among the event
more info @ weareresident.com