SmokeVR HMD for Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality debuts @ Siggraph 2015

Astounding device, optics and user experience for 3d VR & AR use presented by Tracy McSheery of PhaseSpace at Siggraph 2015.
It’ll be interesting to see this innovative and affordable HMD hit the market. Watch for SmokeVR to potentially smoke the competition!

About Smoke VR:
“Smoke is a high performance head mounted display allowing high quality virtual and augmented reality in a single device. Smoke allows applications for Cardboard, Oculus, Hololens and other HMDs to be viewed with higher quality than their native device, to bring both Virtual and Augmented Reality to life. In VR mode the player goes inside the game with no limitations on the resolution, game play or experience. Smoke transcends the problems of previous HMDs with an open lightweight frame, allowing users to wear glasses, and no contact with the face to cause claustrophobic discomfort.”