Stype kit, A 3D trackless virtual TV studio and augmented reality system demo

“This video shows how we used the Stype kit, a 3D trackless virtual studio and augmented reality system, for the purpose of the Hourouf aw Aloof show in Lebanon, 2013.

We utilized a total of 4 Stype kit’s. 2 were placed on fixed pedestals and 2 were mounted on a Stanton Jimmy jib which was placed on a dolly. Stype kit was delivering tracking data (information of the camera position in 3D space) to the render engine which then seamlessly blended the real set with augmented graphics on top creating a powerful illusion where the viewer doesn’t know what is real and what is augmented reality. Also, Stype kit provided the automatic aiming and focusing which made the crane operators life a little easier.
Hourouf aw Aloof is an annual Ramadan Game Show in which contestants from all over the Middle-East can call to the show.
When they are on the show, they have to answer several questions; the more answers they get right, the more money they win. This show is viewed by 140 million people on a daily basis. Therefore, it has a huge impact in the Middle-East!
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“AcidJazz” by Kevin MacLeod (

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