DJI Phantom GPS Smart Drone GoPro Camera Flying Platform, demo

“The one you have been waiting for – DJI Phantom GPS Drone in Ready to Fly Package!
You don’t see many GPS Drone on the market in RTF package, because usually GPS Drone involves many setup, they are really complex and trouble for causal players. There for DJI came up with a solution, they launch the Phantom – the All-in-one GPS Drone with GoPro camera mount, this is a great news for every players, the Phantom is so easy to fly, and it gives you the ultimate and most simple aerial filming solution you can find on the market. The Phantom is well packed and came assembled, simply put on the landing skids and the GoPro camera mount, then you do some basic calibration according to the online manual and you are ready to fly.

GPS on a drone? What about it?
Take her out to a clean and open space (no buildings within 200m range), best with 180 degrees open sky, wait until she found all 7 satellites, now you can fly in GPS mode. What is GPS mode? Simply saying, she can hold in one position ( ~1 meter accuracy) and stay there forever, when you switch off transmitter, it comes back to where it take off, that’s the power of GPS guidance. more info @