AgiSoft Photoscan 4D App converts camera photos into realtime 3d human face demo

“Just a rough video, showing Agisoft Photoscan’s 4D timeline tools. 20 synced image streams. HD resolution, 850 frame animation (350 processed) 125,000 polygons per frame.
Please ignore the black UV seam, this is a GFX Card bug currently being fixed by the team at AgiSoft LLC.
New features include:
Standard and Professional editions
– Added support for OpenEXR image format.
– Added support for HDR texture generation.
– Added Align Chunks command in Batch Process dialog.
– Added Add Folder… command for batch image import.
– Added support for automatic mask generation based on background photos.
– Added ability to store and reuse calculated depth maps.
– Added Mask and Depth Maps viewing modes to Photos pane.
Professional edition only
– Added Timeline pane and support for 4D dynamic model reconstruction.
– Added support for multispectral orthophoto generation.
– Improved orthophoto blending quality in Mosaic mode.”

Agisoft Photoscan 4D Videogrammetry

“Something I like to call “U.K Noire” ..more R&D with Agisoft Photoscan, using the new 4D Videogrammetry processing tools.
RAW sequenced frames presented in a more pleasing artistic lighting style (matched to film plate lighting), showing off the fidelity and fluidity that can be achieved with a budget 4D Capture system.
Exported frames and textures to Softimage and rendered with Arnold, imported with Thiago Costa’s script. Very basic shader, no SSS.
So work in progress, noise and other artifacts are present but using a more expensive MV Camera system these results can easily be improved. Tracking and shape-transfer of data to low resolution sub division cage with optical flow techniques would help improve overall quality and transfer of details.
Captured with 20x Canon 600D DSLR’s, 1080p at 30fps. Generic, Average texture build, 4k per frame. High Build. 125,000 polygons per frame.
840 frames, 8GB’s of mesh and texture data.”

Videos by Infinite-Realities, more info @