Energy Efficient Robot on display by Sandia Labs @ DARPA’s 2015 Tech Expo

YouTube Preview Image

With a tablet for it’s head / brain this big blue robot was making quite an impression with the viewers. If you have more info on this robot’s specs please let us know.
“Sandia is developing energy efficient actuation and drive train technologies to dramatically improve the charge life of legged robots.”

“Sandia National Laboratories safeguards the nation’s nuclear stockpile and helps the country solve some of its most pressing engineering problems in homeland security, energy, and basic research.
Its roots lie in World War II’s Manhattan Project. Its history reflects the changing national security needs of postwar America.
Sandia’s original emphasis on ordnance engineering — turning the nuclear physics packages created by Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories into deployable weapons — expanded into new areas as national security requirements changed.
In addition to ensuring the safety and reliability of the stockpile, Sandia applied the expertise it acquired in weapons work to a variety of related areas such as energy research, supercomputing, treaty verification, nanotechnology, and nonproliferation. “

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