Oculus: Live from Facebook Spaces, An Easy Way to Share VR with Friends

“Starting now, you can go live on Facebook directly from Spaces to share the magic of VR with others!
Give your friends a window into your virtual exploits and engage with them in real time. Position your virtual camera anywhere to capture and share the moment as it unfolds. Your Facebook friends can join in the fun by commenting and reacting on your screen—which you’ll see in VR. Comments show up as physical objects you can grab and move around, so you can call attention to the best one-liners or highlight a question or discussion topic.
This is a great way for people to spend quality time together in—and outside of—VR. From hanging out and catching up with friends and family to collaborating with coworkers and classmates, going live from Spaces lets you connect with the people you care about in meaningful ways—no matter where they happen to be.”