Tour of the IBM Quantum Computer Lab

“Jerry Chow, an experimental quantum computing scientist at IBM, introduces viewers to the Quantum Lab at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in New York. It is home to a five-qubit processor that represents the latest advancement in IBM’s quantum computing architecture. It can scale to larger quantum systems, and is the leading approach towards building a universal quantum computer.

As part of this pursuit, IBM is introducing a cloud-enabled quantum computing platform called the IBM Quantum Experience to let researchers and the scientific community experiment on a quantum processor to help discover new applications for this technology.

The IBM team has made a number of engineering advances represented in the five-qubit processor. Quantum information is very fragile and needs to be protected from any errors that can result from heat and electromagnetic radiation. The quantum processor’s superconducting qubits are cooled to 15 millikelvin, which is close to absolute zero Fahrenheit. Signals are sent in and out of the refrigerators to measure operations on the quantum processor.”

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